Date Title Location
08/02/2020 International referees seminras License Issuance, Extension Lithuania - Vilnius
22/02-2020 Lithuanian Open Cup of Grappling Championship                Lithuania - Vilnius
28/03-2020 Open Grappling of Baltic Countries Lithuania - Jonava
04/04/2020 International coaches seminars Lithuania - Vilnius
25/04/2020 Lithuanian Open Pupil Championship of Grappling  (Gi/NoGi). U9;U13; U17; U17 girls      Lithuanian - Ukmerge
16/05/2020 European IGF Grappling cup Lithuania - Šiauliai
17-21/08/2020 Grappling Summer Camp Lithuanian - Palanga
12/09/2020 International referees and coaches seminars Lithuania - Vilnius
26/09/2020 World IGF Grappling Championship Lithuanian - Panevėžys
17-18/10/2020 Lithuanian Open Pupil Championship of Grappling  (Gi/NoGi). U11;U15; U19; U19 girls      Lithuania-Svencionys
21/11/2020 III International grappling tournament of beginners  „I‘m begining“ Lithuania - Jonava
12/12/2020 Open Grappling Championship of Lithuania Lithuania - Kaunas