KOK tournament will include a contest for the Champion’s Title of the Absolute Professional Grappling of the Baltic States.

The biggest martial arts tournament KOK World Series to be held on the 16th of November at Siemens arena in Vilnius will include not only traditional COP and MMA fights, but also, for the first time in history, a combat for the Champion’s belt of the Absolute Professional Grappling of the Baltic States.


"A year ago we signed a contract with the Grappling Federation and we don't want it to be just another document for document’s sake. Therefore, we are taking action. While speaking about bushido and grappling in general, it is necessary to admit that any good bushido fighter competing under the rules of MMA bushido must know the basics of universal wrestling pretty well," said Donatas Simanaitis, President of Lithuanian Bushido Federation. He added that broadcasting of these fights has been agreed with international TV channels in advance.


Adrijus Kupstas, President of Lithuanian Grappling Federation, also acknowledges numerous benefits of organising this championship in a huge arena.

“Gain is indisputable.  First of all, for an athlete to compete in front of a large number of spectators could be his dream come true. Secondly, it will help to increase motivation in fights of the Grappling Open Championship of the Baltic States. Thirdly, it gives grappling representatives an excellent chance to familiarize public with their sport," said Adrijus Kupstas.

Names of the candidates nominated to take part in the event at Siemens Arena will be announced on the 23rd of March at the Baltic States Championship in Jonava. In addition to grappling fighting on the 16th November, the audience, as usual, will also have an opportunity to watch the strongest Lithuanian fighters competing under the bushido rules of KOK and MMA.