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First time of history organised open Baltic countries grappling games to Jurbarkas attracted 159 this sport lovers, which represent not only to Lithuania, but also to Latvia, Poland, Russia, Belarus and Kazaksthan. The leader of Baltic grappling games became Teodoras Aukštuolis from Ukmergė.

Just third years existing Lithuanian Grappling Federation is one most expanding federation in our country. In Lithuania number of sportmans is growing like geometric progression, by the way in international waters swim out more and more fighters. 

On 21 May the International Grappling Federation is holding the first Baltic championship in Lithuania. Fighters from 8 different countries have already signed in for the competition, so it is going to resemble the European Championship.

Grapplers from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and Bulgaria will be competing in their personal weight categories in a pursuit to win ultimate winner belts, which have arrived in Lithuania straight from the United States recently.

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