International Grappling Federation (IGF) was established in 2014 April 16 .

Grappling - mixed wrestling that has emerged from the various sports of wrestling like Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, sambo, bushido and others. According to the general philosophy of sport, the athlete must respect the values ​​of sport, to be honest and never harm his/her opponent intentionally claiming the victory. Athletes fight to surrender with all wrestling actions: throws, strangulation or painful actions. After the main fighting only during the additional time scores are counted by approved international rules of grappling. Athletes fight wearing short sportswear: sports shorts and special wrestling shirt.

The main goal of International Grappling Federation (IGF) - to unite and coordinate the activities of all federations, unions, associations, clubs and other sports organizations from the entire world belonging to IGF, to promote and support any activity associated with the aims of the International Grappling Federation. As well as develop and promote grappling (wrestling) sports, organize and carry out grappling tournaments, promotions, championships of various scale and to cooperate with the World and Europe Grappling Federation (WGF and EGF), cooperate with Fédération Lutte Internationale des Associées (FILA) and other international organizations.

International Grappling Federation invites everyone to cooperate and strive together to make a grappling sport papular in the world.

Consent to cooperate form

International Grappling Federation founder












Kęstutis Smirnovas

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IGF president

Gintarė Bubnytė-Smirnovienė



IGF chairman of the board, sport director and member of the referees commission

Adrijus Kupstas



IGF member of the board and ambassador

Sergej Grecicho



IGF member of the board and men's team trainer

Ričardas Piepolis



IGF member of the board, women's team trainer, member of the referees commission and international category referee

Vytautas Smirnovas



IGF member of the board, chairman of the referees commission and international category referee

Dainius Burokas



International category referee

Algirdas Kazlauskas



International category referee

Algimantas Bankauskas



International category referee

Albertas Kašėta



International category referee

Arnoldas Lukošiūnas



National category referee

Saulius Džiaugys




National category referee

Valerij Popadko



National category referee

Mantas Račkauskas


National category referee

Olegas Kuzminovas




Erikas Abovian



IGF senior secretary of the competitions

Rolandas Lukoševičius



IGF secretary-announcer of the competitions

Evaldas Bunevičius